Stunts & Tosses

Following proper progressions will ensure your athletes build skills safely and execute flawlessly. Cutting edge Levels 1-6 stunts and 2-5 tosses are our specialty. We love building creative pyramids and transitions with your team!


Our Olympic level instructors come from Romania and beyond. Cheer Factory tumbling coaches are qualified to train skills from handstands to triple back tucks and are certified Level 3 NCCP Instructors. There’s no better feeling than going upside down.

Routine Cleaning

Ready to hit the competition floor? A fresh pair of eyes is essential to make sure your athletes are tight, your choreography is clean and your skills can max out the scoresheet. We also evaluate routines by video!


From dance sections to routine flare and floorwork, your routine deserves to sparkle. Energy and excitement come from dynamic and entertaining visuals and movement on the mat. Our choreographers will make you shake it.